Bano® Vegan Fruit Juice Bears 150g
  • 100% vegan without gelatin
  • With intense fruity flavor and Vitamin C
  • Free of color and preservatives
  • Gluten-free and dairy free
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Bano® Vegan Fruit Juice Bears 150g

100% vegan fruit juice bears with a firm bite and intensely fruity taste with natural vitamin C from the acerola cherry.

The pure organic vegan Bano® fruit juice bear with apple pectin provides an incomparable taste experience with its full fruit flavors of raspberries, black currants, apples, pears and peaches!
They are coloured naturally with extracts from carrot, spinach, black currant, nettle, turmeric and paprika, are free of artificial colorants and preservatives, gluten-free and dairy free.

38+7 OFFER - Order 38 sachet of our Vegan  Fruit Juice Bears and you get 7 sachet for free!
E.g. for children's birthdays, anniversary celebrations, as a little something sweet to your customers, company parties, for the gift basket ...
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Sugar, glucose syrup, 12% fruit juice (peach, pear, apple, black currant, raspberry) from fruit juice concentrates, gelling agent: apple pectin, acidifying agents: citric acid, acerola fruit powder, natural flavourings, colouring food stuffs (black currant, black carrot, spirulina, safflower, red radish, curcuma, red grape, cherry).
Bano® Vegan Fruit Juice Bears 150g
35+10 Free Package 150g
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