• To be taken for stomach and bowel complaints
  • To be inhaled for colds
  • To be massaged in response to headaches
Natural product of


Essential mint oil for ingestion in case of digestive complaints, for inhalation in case of colds of the respiratory tract and for application in case of muscle and nerve pain as well as e.g. mild tension-type headaches.

Japomin oil is an over-the-counter medicine whose active ingredient is pure mint oil. It is produced under the strictest quality controls. It contains neither preservatives nor colouring agents.


For the treatment of colds of the respiratory tract such as coughs (also with viscous mucus) and for digestive complaints e.g. bloating and flatulence. 
Can also be used for the symptomatic relief of muscle or nerve pain such as mild headaches.

The use of this traditional herbal medicinal product in the above-mentioned areas of application is based exclusively on many years of use.

In addition to effects, medicinal products can also cause undesirable effects and therefore the directions for use should be carefully observed or the advice of a doctor or pharmacist should be sought.

JAPOMIN OIL is a pharmaceutical agent and therefore, unfortunately, cannot be sold from our online shop.
It is available over the counter in all Austrian pharmacies and specialist pharmacies.