Humal Partial Bath
Humal Partial Bath 
  • for muscle tension and lumbago
  • soothing for muscles and joints

Humal Partial Bath

Humal Joints Bath and Partial Bath are soothing and reliable in lumbago and relax tense muscles.


​​Take a bath every day for two days when you start treatment, then only every other day. Add the content of Humal joints bath / partial bath pouch from above to your 38°C warm bathing water and let it dissolve. Always adhere to the dosage. A bathing time of 20-25 minutes is recommended. Do not shower afterwards. Keep warm after the bath.

Recommended duration of use: one bath on the first two days, then one bath every second day. 
1 bath = 1 bag of 12g for approx. 50l tub content
Dosage for small baths: 1 level coffee spoon (3g) in approx. 12l of water. Keep the body area warm after the micro bath. Small baths can also be used twice a day.  


Ingredients: Salicylic Acid, Sodium Sulfate, Sodium Humate

Package size

​10 pouches 12g each

Humal Partial Bath
10 pouches
9.90 EUR
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