Humal Partial Bath
  • for muscle tension and lumbago
  • stimulates local blood circulation
  • soothing for muscles and joints

Humal Partial Bath

Bath for stimulation of local blood circulation. Humal Joints Bath and Partial Bath are soothing and reliable in lumbago and relax tense muscles.


​​Take a bath every day for two days when you start treatment, then only every other day. Add the content of Humal joints bath / partial bath pouch from above to your 38°C warm bathing water and let it dissolve. A bathing time of 20-25 minutes is recommended. Do not shower afterwards. Keep warm after the bath.


Ingredients: Salicylic Acid, Sodium Sulfate, Aqua, Sodium Humate

Package size

​10 pouches 12g each

Humal Partial Bath
10 pouches
8.90 EUR
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