Helopanflat Coated Tablets
Helopanflat® Coated Tablets 
  • against flatulence and fullness
  • for digestive problems caused by enzyme deficiency
  • with pancreatin and simethicone

Helopanflat Coated Tablets

For flatulence, fullness and digestive problems.
Impaired digestion often leads to excessive gas in the intestines.
Symptoms like abdominal pain, constipation and flatulence can be treated efficiently by Helopanflat. In many cases flatulence is accompanied by an enzyme deficiency. Helopanflat® coated tablets therefore additionally contain the enzyme pancreatin, which prevents the development of new gases to a great extent.


​Unless prescribed otherwise swallow 2 whole tablets just after each meal with a little liquid.


​1 coated tablet contains 135 mg pancreatin (with min.
240 protease units, min. 3,200 amylase units, min. 3,600 lipase
units), simethicone 42mg.

Package size

50 coated tablets
Helopanflat Dragees are a pharmaceutical agent and therefore, unfortunately, cannot be sold from our online shop.
They are available over the counter in all Austrian pharmacies and specialist pharmacies.