EST Aluminium Acetate Tablets
EST® Aluminium Acetate Tablets 
  • for sprains
  • bruises, contusions, strains
  • insect bites
  • and swellings

EST Aluminium Acetate Tablets

Rapid effect in bruises, insect bites, swellings and sprains, e.g. caused by sports or leisure injuries or after twisting your ankle.
Cools and soothes, reduces swellings and bruises.
Also well tolerated by children.


​Unless prescribed otherwise solve 1 EST tablet in 0.5l water and apply as compress. Renew every 15-30 min, repeat it at will.​


​1 tablet contains:
2.4g aluminium potassium sulphate
1.4g calcium acetate
0.28g calcium carbonate
0.16g tartaric acid
0.2g calcium sulphate hemihydrate
Other ingredients: talcum, aerosil, magnesium stearat, starch

Package size

​Pack: 5 tablets
EST Aluminium Acetate Tablets
5 tablets
8.90 EUR
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