Deer Tallow Stick
Deer Tallow Stick 
  • makes cracked heels soft again
  • protection against blisters
  • foot care to go: handy stick to take with you
  • ideal for any bag

Deer Tallow Stick

Traditional foot care to prevent blisters and cornea on strained feet. Provides ideal protection e.g. when hiking. Ideal for any bag.


Start by applying the cream preferably several days before intensive strain (e.g. hiking tours). Apply several times a day to dry and cracked skin.


Ingredients: Adeps bovis, Isopropyl Myristate, Petrolatum, Paraffinum solidum, Lecithin, Adeps cervi, Tocopherol, Benzaldehyde

Package size

Stick: 25ml
Deer Tallow Stick
Stick 25 ml
6.50 EUR
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