ANFOKALI® Drops 30ml 
ANFOKALI® Drops 100ml 
  • For inflammations of the nasopharyngeal zone
  • For coughs and colds
  • For paranasal complaints
  • Supports self-healing
Natural product of


Homeopathic medicines for nasal and oropharyngeal, as well as paranasal, inflammations, and for coughs and colds. Contains only plant-based active ingredients.

Anfokali is a homeopathic pharmaceutical agent - in homeopathy, plant-, animal- and mineral-based natural ingredients are heavily diluted and used for treating acute and chronic illnesses.

Alongside 50 volume % alcohol and water, Anfokali® contains the following three purely plant-based active agents:

Guajacum (active agent of the guajacum tree) is used to alleviate burning in the throat with redness and swelling, for acute tonsillitis with a tendency towards worsening, and for inflammations of the hard palate.

Cistus canadensis (the active agent of the cistus) is used to alleviate pain in the larynx as well as coughs, applied to the throat.

Lobaria pulmonaria (the active agent of the lung lichen) has a specific homeopathic efficacy for bronchitis, colds, throat pain, coughs, influenza and catarrh, and is also used for treating headaches and laryngitis.

Anfokali is available over the counter in all Austrian and German pharmacies. Unfortunately it is not possible to sell it online due to legal reasons.


Anfokali has been on the market since the 1960s and has, since its debut, been tried and proven for inflammations in the throat, nose and mouse, as well as for the paranasal areas.

ANFOKALI DROPS are a pharmaceutical agent and therefore, unfortunately, cannot be sold from our online shop.
They are available over the counter in all Austrian pharmacies and specialist pharmacies.